Welcome To Revolution You

A new you is within your reach….start a revolution…a REVOLUTION YOU.

We experienced a revolution of our own in 2012. While Jason lost over 50 pounds this year his wife Robbie experienced losing over 40 pounds REVOLUTIONIZING their lives. They went on to lead their church to start a revolution as well.

As a former, college football player, competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer who let it all go physically, to a coach, athletic director, principal, writer and minister who has spent the last 18 years helping others achieve their goals in life, Jason wants to help you start a revolution in your life and those around you.

At Rev You it is our goal to inspire you and give you the resources you need to start a REVOLUTION within yourself and your world.

So don’t wait…your REVOLUTION is waiting…get started by checking out our categories above for articles to help you in every area.


About Jason Curlee

Jason is about inspiring, transforming and elevating others to make a difference in their world. He writes to share principles of leadership and insights that you can apply to your ministry, business and life. You can read more from him @ http://jasoncurlee.wordpress.com
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