My Weight Loss Revolution Part 1

Those that know a little about me know that 2012 has been quite a journey for me. At the time of this post I have lost right at 50 pounds. It really has been quite a journey for me, as going into this year it was not one of my goals at all.

Pre-contest picture from 1991

At one point in my life being fit was a life-long goal. It was so much my goal that I had plans to own a gym and train people. I was actually a former competitive bodybuilder in the early 90’s and was also a former college football player. Exercise and health were all part of my life.

In ’94 when I decided to stop bodybuilding I ended up stopping working out. Well…once you stop and you really stop I can say it’s super EASY to stay stopped. You also find every excuse in the world as well as learn to enjoy the very existence of being overweight.

I ended up changing my goals, got into ministry and can honestly say I let the busyness of life and EXCUSES more than anything. I also let my love of FOOD get in that way as well. You see even though I wasn’t working out I was still eating like I was in the off-season. I watched my weight slowly climb over the years and made excuses like “oh it’s cause I have all that muscle underneath.”

When I was in the 250 lb range I was still ok and still had the size that it looked like I worked out. Going into this year I actually had no idea how heavy I was. I knew looking in the mirror I wasn’t happy at all. I was actually dealing with a mild-bit of depression and just feeling like my life was not where it should be but spiraling out with no sense of truly how to get it back into control.

When I stepped on the scale at 286 pounds this year I knew something needed to change. If not, my health was going to make that statement for me and I probably wouldn’t like it. I may of faked looking happy on the outside but I was crumbling on the inside.

Beginning of May 2012

I’m writing about this journey because I know there are many people like me.

Life may seem like it’s going good but inside you are jumbled all up. Depressed…unhappy…out of control…whatever those excuses are or reasons are….there is more for you.

I made the excuse that cause my spiritual life was taken care of my physical truly didn’t matter. I mean what did it matter if when I died I was going to heaven anyway.

To be honest I’m convinced now that is so far off the track. Our physical and our spiritual are two parts of who we are along with our mental/emotional and all three play off each other.

End of July 2012

My physical was way off track…and it led to my mental and emotional state being off track as well.

But that’s all for other posts and other discussions….I want to invite you into my journey in 2012 a journey of how I had gone from FIT to FLAB and back to FIT again. In doing so I re-invigorated my life and even many others around me.

So my goal is to take you on a little journey through my Weight Loss Revolution and hope I can inspire you to make a change…whatever that change may be to a better you.

I’ll walk you step by step through how I lost 45 pounds in 90 days. That may seem extreme and honestly it took a lot of extreme work but I went after it with a fierceness to get my life back.

After you read this and Part 2 of my journey we’re gonna cover:

Honestly there’s nothing magical in here…just a lot of hard work and determination. So follow me on this journey.

If you’re looking to get started here are seven ways to help you get going today.


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10 Responses to My Weight Loss Revolution Part 1

  1. Marsha says:

    You got me going…and thanks. Down 5lbs. don’t seem like much but I’m working on changing my eating. Started walking and plan on doing a 5k run in Nov. Keep me up and keep me going.

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