7 Ways To Stay Eating Healthy

So you have a desire to eat better and maybe you gotten started. Maybe you don’t even know where to start. There is no doubt about it, eating better is hard. Especially when you have trained yourself for so long not to eat healthy. Here are six ways to make your eating healthy stick:

  1. Have A Vision. Sit down and write out exactly what you are wanting out of this. What are your goals. What do you need to do to change your diet. List out your goals.
  2. Have Realistic Expectations. So your setting up your diet. Be realistic and make sure it works around your situation and life style. It needs to fit your budget and your schedule. Eating right does not have to blow your budget. Also realize that obstacles will come your way and don’t let that derail your progress.
  3. Be Proactive. Know your schedule and what you need to do make sure you stay on track. Pack healthy foods you can eat on the road. Pack healthy snacks so your not stuck when you need a little punch. Keep a water bottle on hand and fill it up when you cross paths with the water fountain. Make a list of recipes and what you will need for the week and shop smart. Be smart and plan and be proactive with your diet.
  4. Consistency Is Key. I’m not a big proponent of cheat days. Stay on track if your gonna cheat make it a healthy cheat. Don’t jump overboard. As you eat on a daily basis stick to the same portion sizes and caloric intake. Try and eat at the same times. Keep a pattern so your body will keep that metabolism burning bright.
  5. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself. Ok…you are probably gonna drop the ball. If you mess up pick yourself back up and get back on track. Don’t stop just cause you mess up or have a bad day. KEEP ON GOING!
  6. Give Yourself Praise. When you hit those goals celebrate it. Now that doesn’t mean go out and get the cake and ice cream. I mean pump yourself up. Congratulate yourself on the healthy changes you make. Praise builds confidence and makes you feel good. Stop and look in that mirror and be excited about your journey.
  7. Focus On The Journey Not The Destination. Wow…what can I say. It’s not about getting to that weight you want to be at. it’s not about hitting that mark. It’s about the journey to a new you. Yes you have a goal. But it’s the journey that is gonna make you a new you. It’s the new habits you make. If you look at the journey and not the destination you will realize that a revolution is happening and it is you.



About Jason Curlee

Jason is about inspiring, transforming and elevating others to make a difference in their world. He writes to share principles of leadership and insights that you can apply to your ministry, business and life. You can read more from him @ http://jasoncurlee.wordpress.com
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