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3 Guaranteed Ways To Lose Weight

Well guaranteed only if you are willing to put the commitment and discipline into it. Change Your Eating Habits – That’s right I said your habits. And by change I mean a DRAMATIC change. That’s one of the reason’s I … Continue reading

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10 Minute Revved Morning Workout

Here is a short 10 minute cardio workout Jason Curlee walks you through that you can do first thing in the morning to rev up your metabolism and get your heart going. It’s so simple you can do it right … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Revolution Part 6

We’ve talked tools and diet…now let’s talk exercise. I intentionally wanted to work out at home. In many ways, I wanted to work as hard as I could at home to show anyone that they could do it if they … Continue reading

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My Weight Loss Revolution Part 2

As you read in Part 1 I had a weight loss revolution this year. I’d also say in many ways it was also a life revolution. It has me fired up with showing others and helping them as well. I … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Start Running Now

Running is an awesome way to get and keep in shape. I ran my first 5K this year and have ran four since. Here are 10 reasons to get started now: DO IT ANYWHERE. SAVE SOME CASH. SLIP INTO SKINNY … Continue reading

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Getting Started To A Healthy You

So your out of shape…eating bad…totally unhealthy and absolutely know you need to change but have NO clue where to start. You’ve never eaten healthy nor worked out and can’t even remember what you used to have to do in … Continue reading

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